After COVID: Adapting to the New Normal in Manufacturing

This may be the most volatile period that manufacturing has experienced since WWII. The Coronavirus pandemic has created wild fluctuations in demand, the supply of raw materials has grown tight, labor availability has shrunk, and many medium-sized manufacturers are experiencing severe liquidity problems. As we head into the winter season and a second wave appears to be underway, manufacturers can expect volatility to continue across their entire supply chain and being agile has never been more important.

What is that path going to look like in a world forever changed by the virus? In Gerent’s roundtable discussion, you’ll hear about ways in which the pandemic has affected key areas in manufacturing and supply chain management, driving fundamental changes but raising questions at the same time:

• What is the new normal going to look like?
• Why is becoming much more agile and doubling down on data, analytics, and processes so critical?
• How can technology help manufacturers recover and adapt to the new environment?