Reinventing the Insurance Customer Journey

Seamlessly delivering an unparalleled customer-centric experience for the digital world

The insurance industry is beginning to see an influx of “digital native” customers, who grew up enveloped in our ubiquitous digital environment. Today’s consumers are looking for digital options; their appetite for a richer digital selection has been multiplying rapidly and will continue to grow.

Digital natives and customers who are new to technology have mutually distinct expectations of service and buying experiences and meeting these expectations necessitates a complete reconstruction of the customer journey. This transformation requires that those in the insurance supply chain ensure all customer touchpoints are seamlessly integrated and aligned in real time, across all digital points of connection. The process begins with placing the customer at the center and creating a seamless customer journey along the neural path. The webinar covers several key topics relevant to insurers today, including:

5:35 — Why crafting digital, customer-centric experiences has become a core business strategy for competitive insurers, especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. 
10:49 — What a “consumer-centric experience” entails and why insurers need to make policy transactions as straightforward and intuitive as placing an online Starbucks order. 
33:44 — How Burns and Wilcox, a major insurance wholesale broker and managing underwriter, underwent a digital transformation to remain competitive against a rising cohort of insurtechs. 
38:25 — How insurers can leverage Salesforce’s cloud-based CRM products to deliver omnichannel experiences, enable customer-centric innovation, and automate policyholder & product journeys. 
48:13 — Why insurers need assistance during their digital transformations — and how Gerent, a preferred partner for Salesforce implementations, can bridge the knowledge gap between insurers and their chosen software vendors.